Angel Biscuits

If you’ve never had the pleasure of making and eating Angel Biscuits, please put them on your to-bake list as soon as possible. They’re a hybrid of yeast bread and biscuits, and they’re really just incredibly good.

Almond Cookies are a great example of what happens when you focus on one simple flavor. If you love almonds, then you’ll adore these simple cookies and their lovely almond flavor!

Brownies meet cheesecake meets cookie butter in these decadent Cookie Butter Cheesecake Brownies! The spiced flavor is such a great complement to the chocolate and cream cheese.

Danish Butter Cookies are the homemade version of those classic cookies in the tin that many of us crave during the holiday season. And while those are really good, the homemade kind are fantastic. And they’re so easy to make with a short list of ingredients!

Vanilla Crumb Muffins are another celebration of a simple flavor. I love that I almost always have everything I need to make these muffins whenever I get a craving!

Sprinkle Crinkle Cookies win the award for the happiest cookies I made all year. These simple cookies get their fun colors from the copious addition of sprinkles. You can customize the colors for the occasion, but I just love them with traditional multi-colored sprinkles.